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Below are the links to the update;

  • 1. Download the firmware update request from the RetroN 5 by going to settings and scrolling down to the bottom and selecting Write Firmware Update Request to SD
  • 2. Go to this link and plug in the Micro SD card into your computer.
  • 3. Select “Choose File” from the above link
  • 4. Select file called “retron-update-request.dat” and it should download a file onto your SD card
  • 5. Switch on the Retron 5 if you have not already done so
  • 6. Safely remove the SD card from your PC, then insert into your RetroN 5
  • 7. Select “Install” on the popup
  • 8. After the installation has completed, the system will restart and you will be running the new system software
  • 9. Now proceed to the section RetroN 5 Application Update Instructions to complete the upgrade procedure

Update 3.0 Firmware
Update 3.1 Firmware
Please do only one update at a time.

Then follow these steps;
  • 1. Do 0.3.0 first followed by the 0.3.1 update. Please do only one update at a time.
  • 2. Extract a file (one file at a time) to an SD card and plug it into the back of the system.
  • 3. Confirm the installation, let it install.
  • 4. Power down the system, as instructed, and pull out the SD card.
  • 5. Power up the system; it should now be updated.
Support Team